Craig Gardens

San Jose Address: 2580 S Bascom Ave, San Jose
Owner: First Community Housing
Contractor: L&D Construction
Units: 90 1 bedroom
Completed: 2002
Cost: $10.8M
This development of 90 one-bedroom affordable apartments located on the edge of San Jose is a time traveler. The design’s architectural forms reference the area’s agrarian past – remembered by many of the seniors who are its residents. It leaps over the present sprawl that replaced the old ranches and orchards to embrace an urban future moving in the form of a rapidly-expanding Silicon Valley. Pyramidal standing-seam “barn” roofs scale down the building mass while prominent, louvered cupolas atop them screen the multitude of plumbing vents. A four-story “silo” hinges the rotated residential wings, and contains the main lobby and a porte-cochere that provides convenient, covered access to taxis and vans.