Courtyard at Bay Road

FAMILY LIVING Address: 1730 Bay Road, East Palo Alto
Owner: Community Housing Developers
Contractor: Devcon
Units: 76 Family
Completed: 2006
Cost: $24.7M
The Courtyard at Bay Road, brings seventy-seven much needed affordable apartments to East Palo Alto. The building form engages a vibrant, protected courtyard and community garden, whilst interior spaces include a computer learning center, and community rooms for private events. The four-story glazed lobby set against a wood slat wrapped elevator brings warmth into the core lending distinction and identity to the lofted space. The combination of innovative design elements with familiar and local materials give the development a prominent and dynamic character and a strong anchor for future development in the area. Sustainable design features include: engineered lumber, guardrails featuring 100% recycled content, dual-glazed windows, formaldehyde-free batt insulation, linoleum, carpet tiles which feature recycled content, low-flow plumbing fixtures, “Energy Star” appliances, a “Cool Roof”, recycled content ceiling tiles,100% Fluorescent fixtures, and low VOC paint.